HISTORY MEME - FRANCE VERSION ♛ [08/09] kings/queen : Marie Leszczynska  (23 june 1703- 24 june 1768)

Queen consort of France.  She was a daughter of King Stanisław Leszczyński of Poland  and Catherine Opalińska. She married King Louis XV of France and was the grandmother of Louis XVI, Louis XVIII, and Charles X. She was the longest-serving queen consort of France. Maria was on a list of 99 eligible European princesses to marry the young king. The marriage by proxy took place on 15 August 1725 in the Cathedral of Strasbourg, Louis XV represented by his cousin the Duke of Orléans, Louis le Pieux. Louis and Marie first met on the eve of their wedding, which took place on 5 September 1725, at the Château de Fontainebleau. Marie was twenty-two years old and Louis fifteen. The young couple was reported to have fallen in love at first sight. The announcement of the wedding was not received well as the royal court; as the father of Marie had been a monarch for only a short time, she was thought to be a poor choice. There were rumours before the wedding that the bride was ugly, epileptic and sterile. However, Marie was popular among the people from the beginning, such as when she handed out money on her way to her wedding in Fontainebleau. After the difficult birth of Princess Louise in 1737, which nearly took her life, Marie had no more children. In 1738, she refused Louis entrance to her bedroom, and after this, their private relationship ended, though the formal marriage continued in spite of her husband’s infidelities. Louis XV was a notorious womaniser. Several of his mistresses, particularly Madame de Pompadour, who was introduced at the court of Versailles in 1745 on the occasion of the marriage of the Dauphin Louis, eventually eclipsed the Queen’s social status. Most of her husband’s romantic affairs were conducted with her knowledge, and she either simply accepted them, or was powerless to stop them. Throughout, she displayed an attitude of discretion and dignity and maintained a civil relationship towards Madame de Pompadour. Queen Marie never managed to acquire political influence. She made an attempt to involve herself in politics at the very beginning of their marriage when she, in 1726, asked Louis to appoint the unpopular Prince of Condé as a Cabinet minister, despite her father’s warnings. King Louis took her attempt to become involve in politics very badly, and after 1726 she was completely separated from affairs of state and any political influence on Louis. Marie Leszczynsaka was truly a people’s queen. Her death on 24 June 1768 at the age of 65 was a huge blow to the French monarchy. She was buried at the Basilica of St Denis and her heart deposed at the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours in Nancy.

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get to know me meme: [5/] favorite movies → Marie Antoinette 

ma: This is ridiculous.

cdn: This, Madame, is Versailles. 

"Letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness."
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is this all i am now? a  b o r g i a ?

You will be naked and clean and bloodless again.

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get to know me meme;

[1/10] favorite relationships » cesare and lucrezia (the borgias)

↳  ” …The only thing that never tires me is you.. Can you tell me why we’re cursed with this feeling that feels so natural, and good? When we’re together, God seems to sit in the room with us. And when you’re away, I manage to forget you. And then…one touch of your hand and God comes rushing back. “

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Plantagenet Queens: 1382-1422

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Alicia Vikander as Queen Caroline Mathilde in A Royal Affair (Nikolaj Arcel, 2012)

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Art history meme (x) - 1-4/10 paintings - In The Library, Reflection of Beauty, Preparing For The Ball, The Blue Dress by Auguste Toulmouche
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François Arnaud being ridiculously hot in The Borgias season 3 bloopers

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